Hemophilia Day 2013

To foster the matchless spirit of camaraderie of the (Haemophilia Association of the Philippines, Inc) HAPI-C’s officers and members, the annual Hemophilia Day Celebration with the theme: “Moving towards closing the gap” was again observed on April 21, 2013 with vigor, cooperation and sense of unity.



The affair was started with a motorcade, an activity that has become a tradition of the hemophiliacs’ family members, friends, affiliates and even the haemophiliacs patients themselves  every Hemophilia Day Celebration.

This aims to promote information about haemophilia and serves as an awareness campaign of the organization to inform the public about haemophilia and the organization itself.



The motorcade was participated by the different sectors of the community such as; representative from the government sector which was represented by the Brgy. Cogon Ramos barangay personnels and barangay tanod, they who allow the HAPI-C to use some of their facilities such as the bus and the multi-cab, there were also representatives from the education sector specifically from the University of Cebu drum and Bugle Corps. who gives life and sound while the HAPI-C motorcade was going on.


The motorcade was then followed the event’s formal opening program which was held at the Barbe Focourt Hall Regional House Perpetual Succour Hospital.

While the adults were busy enjoying the serious matters at the Barbe Focourt Hall, the young haemophiliacs, their siblings and some of the young participants of the said event  were being entertained by the painting activity led by Mrs. Shalom of Kythe Incorporated. The young ones enjoyed the activity being made for them.


Meanwhile, Kuya Joseph, a haemophilia advocate, did his lead in doing the teambuilding and workshop among the parents, adult haemophiliacs and haemophilia carriers ate the Barbe Focourt Hall. The the teambuilding activity had elicited educational, personal, and sociological emotions from the participants that  were so bountiful with lessons that each may learn in grappling his/her day to day struggles.


After which, the election of the new sets of Board of Trustees was conducted. Among who were chosen as one of the trustees were Mary Ann Navasquez, Jurich Francis Sungcad, Agnes Co, Kristhy Baluran, Ana Mae Villamor, Edwardson Co, Jessil Sungcad, and Joy Faith Navasquez.

The election was followed by the annual president’s and treasurer’s report  which were presented before the members  by the president herself Mary Ann Navasquez  and Kristhy Baluran,auditor. Edwardson Co  also did his part in presenting the save One Life old and new regulations and the organization’s activities. Once again, the day has ended with the grace of transparency, honesty and enthusiasm among the all the people who attended the activity.



HAPI-C is forever thankful of those people who in one way or  another had contributed to the affair’s success. The HAPI-C family is always grateful for all the favors that the SPC Sisters were granted to the haemophiliacs. Sr. Ma. Santanina Bernaldez,SPC; Sr. Lydia Merino, SPC, Sr. Myrna Borromeo,SPC; they who provided all the wiles and means to make the event possible. Our gratitude to all of the SPC Sisters is to infinity.

To HAPLOS Foundation who had extended a hand to HAPI-C, to the physical theraphist volunteers,  to the teacher volunteers and to the Church Youth volunteers who really shared the their time and talents to help us facilitate the activities, to our members who hails from the different part of the Visayas island yet gathered themselves for one cause in witnessing again the celebration.

To all of you, thank you very much  and may we will always be empowered with the unending kingdom of love and grace of our Almighty.

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