JCI Empowers HAPI-C Members


August 11, 2013, one beautiful Sunday, at the gymnasium of the the Blessed John XIII, the Junior Chamber International (JCI) with the Haemophilia Association of the Philippines, Inc. – Cebu (HAPI-C) dedicated a day infused with love and full of inspiration for people with haemophilia.Though some came limping or using a third leg, about 184 participants participated the Happy HAPI-C Program with the Theme: “Project HawakKamay” initiated by the JCI in partnership with the HAPI-C.


JCI is a group of young professionals with a mission of providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. With the Happy HAPI-C Program of the JCI, headed by their project Coordinator Mr. ClentVincent Medina, members of the HAPI-C were motivated through a psychological empowering seminar conducted by Mr. RollyAbarro. In the movie presentation during the seminar, an inspiring and motivational video of  Nick Vujicic, a man with no arms and legs, was shown which touched the deepest corners of the hearts of the viewers. The seminar enabled the hemophiliacs realize that without overcoming the obstacle they were facing, they would never had realized their potential strength and amazing will power; that without the tests they were in, there life might had been safe and comfortable but dull and pointless. With that in their minds their self-esteem and confidence were boosted and empowered.


The event was concluded by the vice-president of the JCI Mr. Butch Mateowho left an assuring message that their (JCI) organization is always there ready  to lend a hand as long as within their reach  to assist the HAPI-C for their (HAPI-C) pursuit to a better living. As a follow through with the said event, the HAPI-C became one of the beneficiaries of a big fund raising event that was going to happen on Nov. 24, 2013. Before all had parted ways, HAPI-C officers and facilitators had a candid conversation for more and productive activities to come in the future.


Had it not for the benevolence of the Cebu Glass Aluminum Inc. and the support and facility of the JCI who granted HAPI-C as the benefactor, the Happy HAPI-C program was impossible. To the JCI and Cebu Glass Aluminum Inc., more success and blessings as you accomplish your goals. The HAPI-C members were more eager to make life better than they were before.



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