The 3rd leg of the Public Dissemination series on an Overview on Hemophilia was held at the conference room of the Cebu City Health Department. The lecture was for the Cebu city North District Baranggay Health Workers.

Baranggay Health Workers 01

The audience was considerably smaller, due to the typhoon expected to hit Cebu the day of the lecture. Despite the weather forecast 80 Baranggay Health Workers (BHWs) attended the lecture, some of them coming down from remote uphill districts.

Baranggay Health Workers 02

Baranggay Health Workers 03

The Cebu city North District BHWs were attentive to the lecture and raised several questions during the open forum. Though the audience was smaller they were more interested in what hemophilia was and also how they could coordinate with HAPI-C if ever they encounter hemophilia-suspected patients.

Overall, the lecture was a success.

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